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Straits Orthopaedics contract manufactures orthopaedic devices, components and surgical instruments for global multinational companies. This associate company enables the Apex Healthcare Group to diversify its earning streams by adding a new engine of growth.

In 2013, Apex Healthcare Group made its foray into the business of manufacturing orthopaedics devices for the global market through ABio Ortho. A year later, the Group acquired a 40% equity in Straits Apex Sdn Bhd. All the Group’s orthopaedics businesses are now aligned under a holding company, Straits Apex Sdn Bhd, which wholly owns ABio Orthopaedics Sdn Bhd and Straits Orthopaedics (Mfg) Sdn Bhd. The orthopaedics segment adds a new engine of growth in addition to the Group’s existing pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution businesses, increasing opportunities while diversifying risk.

The orthopaedics business contract manufactures surgical grade orthopaedic devices, components and surgical instruments. Orthopaedic components (e.g. screws, plates, implants, intra-medullary nails, pins, external fixators) are used in the surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders resulting from trauma, disease, injuries or deformities.

The global market of orthopaedic components was worth US$ 46.6 billion in 2015. 80% of these devices are consumed in the developed markets of USA, Europe and Japan. Currently, the global market is largely dominated by ten multinational orthopaedic companies. Due to rising costs, these companies are relying increasingly on certified contract manufacturers outside Western Europe and the United States for production. The formation of Straits Apex creates a platform for the Group to take advantage of the steady growth of global orthopaedics market.

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Apex Healthcare Group's associate company, Straits Apex Sdn Bhd is a leading contract manufacturer of orthopaedic devices for global multinational customers.