Apex Healthcare Berhad


Sustainability Statement

Apex Healthcare Berhad (“AHB”), with its mission of “Restoring Health, Enhancing Life” believes in serving the community in a sustainable manner, in all aspects of its business operations and in a way which brings value to all stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Statement sets out our approach towards sustainable development and management of economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities, based on a foundation of considering the impact of our business endeavours on the economic conditions of our stakeholders (“Economic”), on living and non-living natural systems (“Environmental”) and on the social system (“Social”).

Our strategic sustainability direction as far as community investment is concerned involves voluntary contributions in the form of cash donations and sponsorships to enhance socioeconomic benefits and to create a positive social impact. Our community investment indicators are guided by weightage of contribution by AHB and our principal subsidiaries namely, Xepa-Soul Pattinson (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“Xepa”) and Apex Pharmacy Marketing Sdn Bhd (“APM”) to the following causes: Education, Disadvantaged and Miscellaneous as determined by the Sustainability Committee in its strategic sustainability review.

To support the growth and development of undergraduates, we sponsored University of Malaya 2016 Pharmacy Night in the form of gold sponsorship and Best Achievement Award for Pharmacy Practice Best Student Award. Cash donation was also provided to Persatuan Orang Cacat Anggota Malaysia to support the orthopaedically handicapped. Contributions were also made to the National Council for the Blind Malaysia, Persatuan Damai Orang Kurang Upaya Malaysia and Yayasan Jantung Malaysia. In 2016, responding to the needs of the migrant community in Malaysia, we contributed medicines to the Migrant Ministry Klang which provides a regular mobile clinic to various refugee communities under its program called H4R (Healthcare for Refugees). Migrant Ministry Klang also runs a refugee school through its registered non-profit entity, El Shaddai Centre, endorsed by United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Another dimension of our Economic pillar is the non-cash contribution by our organisation in enhancing the lives of the communities where we operate through our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives which include health talks, blood screening programs and blood donation campaign. The indirect economic impact of our organisation in providing products for the low income is exemplified in the Flexiseq Mobility Program, a long-term CSR program organised by our Singapore Team which supports needy elderly with osteoarthritis and joint problem. We are constantly looking for appropriate avenues to contribute to the communities in a manner which is sustainable and relevant to AHB’s mission of “Restoring Health, Enhancing Life”.

While we continue to focus on delivering robust profitability, we do not only place emphasis on our internal profits but on the social benefits at large. We price our deliverables fairly thus ensuring a real economic benefit is enjoyed by our customers. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure our profit margins are competitive and fair; and not exploitative. Accurate and timely information is disseminated to our customers regarding our products to ensure each business transaction is conducted in a fair and transparent manner to maximise our customers’ benefits

We aim to give shareholders a fair return by ensuring that in all our business operations, we have the right business strategies in place, supported by optimal implementation of strategies with due emphasis on compliance and governance during the execution. For sustainable growth of the business, we will continue to reinvest to expand our areas of growth and to strengthen operational efficiencies; ultimately ensuring that the communities benefit too from the economic development of our business.

We are committed to managing our environmental footprint responsibly. We focus our actions on raising the environmental awareness of our people, designing sustainable workplace and managing our resources responsibly. Our environmental policy is foremost to improve energy efficiency and minimise energy consumption as far as possible while ensuring that the relevant regulations and standards are met.

In our main warehouse in Subang Jaya, we adopt environmentally-responsible and efficient technologies and systems to reduce energy emission which include the progressive retrofitting of existing lighting of 48W fluorescent tubes with energy-saving 22W LED lights. The storage capacity of the cold room in the main warehouse has been optimised to cater for increasing volume of cold chain items that are being distributed by our Group. This optimisation enhances effective use of storage place; hence deferring the commissioning of a second cold room at the moment, and consequently reduces our carbon footprint. Real time temperature mapping and monitoring using calibrated electronic data logger is in place perpetually for each specific storage zone in the warehouse to ensure that goods are stored in accordance to their stability and safety specifications. A temperature mapping program is being conducted for each zone in the warehouse to identify the optimum temperature settings and timings of the air-conditioning system. This initiative provides the necessary information for us to minimise energy consumption without compromising the quality of our products. The co-location of the finance office with operations office at our Ipoh warehouse, in line with our sustainability objective of improving energy efficiency and minimise energy consumption, enabled us to reduce our environmental footprint. At our Liquids and Solids Production Plants in Melaka, the replacement of air-cooled chiller with new water-cooled chiller in the form of HVAC cooling system, has led to reduction in energy consumption while providing optimal cooling for the production plants.

Our indicator for energy consumption, as measured by the total energy consumed per million Ringgit revenue of Xepa and APM, both entities being the principal subsidiaries of AHB, is monitored and reviewed regularly. Supported by the power usage optimisation projects in place, the infrastructure is in place to improve energy efficiency and to minimise energy consumption.

We believe that building a strong culture of learning plays a vital role in enhancing sustainable growth. Our training and development programs focus on leadership, broadening professional knowledge and enhancing productivity.

To ensure our people leverage their talents and develop their skills and competencies, we organise development programs through Apex Healthcare Continuing Professional Development (“Apex Healthcare CPD”) for pharmacists and key managers of Apex Healthcare Group. Apex Healthcare CPD was established in 2013 as part of our people development strategies. Under the auspices of Apex Healthcare CPD, various programs encompassing Neurolinguistic Programming, financial management, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Companies Act 2016, Sustainability Reporting and Emotional Intelligence were organised in 2016. Intradepartmental training and development programs relevant to the specific needs of various departments of Apex Healthcare Group are also provided by their respective departmental heads. Training programs on firefighting, workplace safety and handling of chemicals are conducted for our production staff in our manufacturing plant on an annual basis. The number of training hours of employees of AHB’s principal subsidiaries, Xepa and APM, duly organised in different bands of job grades, namely “Manager to Senior Manager”, “Executive” and “Non-Executive” are continuously monitored to provide a quantitative gauge that measures the adequacy of training and development provided to our people. The Malaysian Ministry of Health has also recognised Apex Healthcare Group as a training centre for Provisionally Registered Pharmacists (“PRPs”). The PRPs are exposed to various areas relevant to pharmacy practice; encompassing production and packaging, laboratory testing, quality assurance, innovation and development, regulatory affairs and marketing and distribution.
Since the launch of our group-wide strategic program called “Organising by Skills” in 2015, we have leveraged the skills of our people based on each individual’s talents, competencies and aptitudes. We have since witnessed enhancement of synergies, broadening and sharing of knowledge and skills and deepening of relationships among our people. There will be no letup in our commitment to building a strong culture of learning and innovation. We will continue to place emphasis on effective talent-pool management to enrich our leadership pipeline and develop capable leaders who will lead AHB towards sustainable development.