Apex Healthcare Berhad


Sustainability Statement

Apex Healthcare Berhad (“AHB”), with its mission of “Restoring Health, Enhancing Life” believes in serving the community in a sustainable manner, in all aspects of its business operations and in a way which brings value to all stakeholders. 

Our Sustainability Statement sets out our approach, based on a foundation of considering the impact of our business endeavours on “People, Profit and Planet”, conveniently referred to as the 3Ps. We believe in sustainable development through the guiding principle of the three pillars of social development (People), economic advancement (Profit) and environmental protection (Planet). 

AHB upholds fair business practices toward all employees in every region where we conduct our business. We ensure that we do not take advantage of our people.  A remuneration scheme based on performance is established to ensure that all employees are rewarded fairly, based on performance and competence. We aim to treat every employee with respect. We are committed to maintaining a respectful workplace free from harassment and discrimination of any form. Taking into account personal and cultural differences, we aim to respect and value our people’s diversities and support them to realise their potential. We are concerned with the holistic wellbeing of our employees and we place importance on a healthy work-life balance, with due regard for our employees’ working hours and weekends.

We ensure a safe and healthy work environment is maintained at all times for our employees taking into account the occupational health and safety requirements of our offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Safety and Health Committees of our manufacturing facilities and warehouses are established in accordance with the relevant legislations pertaining to occupational safety and health. Training programs on firefighting, workplace safety and handling of chemicals are conducted for our production staff in our manufacturing plant on an annual basis. To ensure orderly and safe evacuation during fire or emergency situations, an Emergency Evacuation Plan is instituted covering the various elements of reporting, evacuation procedures and emergency escape route assignments and roll call for accountability of all employees after an emergency evacuation.

AHB has a clear vision and strategy in building people competencies and talents for long-term business sustainability and success. We have established Apex Healthcare Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of our people development strategies. Through continuing professional development, we aim to create an environment where our people are able to develop their skills and are inspired and motivated to be the best they can be.  We place emphasis on effective talent-pool management to sustain the leadership pipeline. We devise models to identify the key roles, define core competencies and motivational profile, assess our people’s competencies and institute suitable training programmes to develop the talent pool for advancement into the key roles. A group-wide strategic program called “Organising by Skills” was launched across the subsidiaries in January 2015 to leverage the skills of our people based on each individual’s talents, skills and aptitudes to lead AHB towards sustainable development.

A key element of our Sustainability Statement is to positively impact the communities where we operate through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We have organised gotong royong sessions in schools to support them in their fight against dengue menace and conducted health talks, blood screening programs and blood donation campaign as well as provided donations to support humanitarian causes. In our efforts to nurture the leaders of tomorrow, we have sponsored book prizes for university students and hosted visits by undergraduates. In this regard, we are constantly looking for appropriate avenues to contribute to the communities in a manner which is both sustainable, and relevant to AHB’s mission of “Restoring Health, Enhancing Life”. We also strive to protect and safeguard everyone who uses our products from harm. We ensure that only those products meeting defined standards of quality, safety and efficacy reach the marketplace.

While we continue to focus on delivering robust profitability, we do not only place emphasis on our internal profits but on the social benefits at large. We price our deliverables fairly thus ensuring a real economic benefit is enjoyed by our customers. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure our profit margins are competitive and fair; and not exploitative. Accurate and timely information is disseminated to our customers regarding our products to ensure each business transaction is conducted in a fair and transparent manner to maximise our customers’ benefits.

We aim to give shareholders a fair return by ensuring that in all our business operations, we have the right business strategies in place, supported by optimal implementation of strategies with due emphasis on compliance and governance during the execution. For sustainable growth of the business, we will continue to reinvest to expand our areas of growth and to strengthen operational efficiencies; ultimately ensuring that the communities benefit too from the economic development of our business.

AHB believes in sustainable environmental practices. Our environmental policy is to minimise adverse environmental impact as far as possible while ensuring that the relevant regulations and standards are met. We adopt environmentally-responsible and efficient technologies and systems to reduce energy emission which include the use of energy-saving LED lights in our main warehouse. A temperature mapping program is being conducted for each zone in the warehouse to identify the optimum temperature settings and timings of the air-conditioning system. This initiative provides the necessary information for us to minimise energy consumption without compromising the quality of our products. At our manufacturing plant, we have initiated a project to replace the air-cooled chiller with a new water-cooled chiller, which consumes less energy while providing optimal cooling for the production plant. Our manufacturing operations have internal targets for product packaging, production scrap and reject reduction, with monitoring systems in place to prevent and minimise waste. Such production waste is responsibly disposed of according to strict procedures which satisfy all the stringent regulations applicable to our industry. Likewise in our supply chain business, recyclable wastes are segregated and usage of recyclable ice boxes for cold chain items is advocated. We strive at all times to minimise product expiry, stock obsolescence and waste through good management of inventory.

AHB endeavours to reduce its ecological footprint by carefully managing its consumption of energy. Our manufacturing and warehouse facilities review and set targets for energy consumption on a regular basis. In our logistics business, we have located our warehouses to be in geographical proximity with our customers, in order to minimise delivery times and distances. As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we proactively seek to employ new and more sustainable technologies and processes which minimise our environmental footprint.